Tuesday, 15 April 2014

You've been lucky enough to stumble upon some of our works in progress from our illustrious WMST 621 class from UMD. These are all unfinished pieces, meaderings into the realms/depths of our psyches, nothing on this website is meant for a definitive reading, but rather an attempt at engaging some of the thematics of our course... 

There is often fear with crafting of online presence, due to the tandem forces of ubiquitous social media and the ideals of academic professionalism. This is an attempt to showcase informal/draft works that neither comply nor reject dominant voices in the academy. The work is prone to interpretation, it will and can be misread - therefore we offer only partial iterations of our selves an our ideas. 

We are the heroes of our own (melo)dramas (Haq, 2014)

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